Citizen`s Island is a Dutch B.V. (besloten vennootschap) i.o. initiated by Thinsia Research.


Citizen`s Island is a software platform: you can log in from any device to your personal Citizen`s Island.

Your Island is a remote desktop, your private computer in the cloud.

Here you can use decentralized programs and store your personal data on a decentralized database, separate from your Island.

Your Citizen`s Island is fully separated from the device you use (pc, tablet, smart phone) and the operating system on that device (Unix, Windows, Android, iOS). This is a powerful fraud prevention.

From your device you make a connection to your Island, your remote computer, you only send keyboard and mouse signals to your Island, and from your Island you only receive "bitmaps", or "screenshots"

Malware, spyware, viruses, Trojan Horses, ransomware, censorship, eavesdropping, on your device, cannot infect your Island.

Applications on your Island are secured against any known intrusions.

A Company's Island adds the possibility to publish your products and services.


Your Island is a super secure  computer free of censorship!


CI is a communication platform:

Look for other Citizens or Companies, built groups or join groups, chat with people, call them, join video conferences.




Citizens Island

Citizen`s Island is your awesome resort: your personal place in the secure blockchain universe.

people with a Citizen Island own their data and use decentralized social media.